October 2, 2013

7 Times You Seriously Need Renter’s Insurance

If you are renting a home or apartment, you should be aware that you need to carry your own rental insurance. Your property is not covered in the property owner’s policy. Consider a few of these scenarios to understand why rental coverage is a good idea.

You Really Need Rental Insurance:

When a fire destroys your rental, your insurance will buy you a bed to sleep in and clothing to wear.

When someone breaks into your apartment and steals your TV, DVD player and all 100 movies.

A stranger or former friend decides to stop by to break every dish, glass and appliance you own.

You like to save gas by riding your $1,000 bicycle to work. A kid skipping school broke your lock and now you have no bike.

Remember that apartment fire? Your stuff may have survived but you may need to find somewhere else to stay for a month or two.

A friend stopped over to help you repaint your bedroom. Your ladder broke and your friend’s foot broke too.

You decided to take your window air conditioner out for the winter. Unfortunately, you dropped it, right onto the car below your apartment.

Rental insurance will cover your property, even when you are away from home. Rental coverage protects you from personal liability. Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group can help you meet all your insurance needs in the Mesa, Arizona area. Contact them today!