February 7, 2014

Arizona Renaissance Festival is Almost Here!

One of our favorite events in the Mesa area is the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival and it’s just around the corner!  Saturdays and Sundays from February 8th – March 30th from 10AM to 6PM (rain or shine), come enjoy the faire.  Experience the pleasures of wandering the artisan marketplace, where you can peruse fine hand-made goods.  Sample delectable renaissance-themed treats and, of course, enjoy the show with jousting, fighting, courtly love, and intrigue around every corner!

Take a step into the past at the Village of Fairhaven.  This 26th season, the faire has several new shows for your viewing pleasure including the Wild Wacky Witty Washing Well Wenches.  Over 200 handcrafted items are on display in the marketplace, and (of course) action and adventure abound!

Come dressed to impress, or just dress for a day of fun in the sun.  Huzzah for the Faire and God Save the Queen!

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