June 24, 2013

Can’t Get your Teen to Stop Texting and Driving? There’s an App for That!

No matter how many times you tell your teen not to text while driving, you can never be 100% certain they are going to follow this rule once they are on the road and out of sight. Short of taking away their cell phones, how can you be guaranteed they won’t text and drive?

One sure fire way to stop your teen from texting and driving is to download an app that when activated will automatically lock out the ability to send or receive texts, make or receive phone calls or surf the web. All texts and calls get an automated response that the driver will reply when he or she is done driving.

AT&T’s DriveMode is currently the only free app for preventing teens (or anyone with the app) from texting while driving. Other mobile apps that work in the same way, but require a monthly or one-time fee, are CellSafety, tXtBlocker, iZUP and Textecution.

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