November 7, 2014

My Car Has Just Been Recalled, Now What?

As the recent Takata airbag recall has affected nearly 8 million cars in the United States alone, many individuals are starting to worry about the safety of their vehicles! Car recalls can be alarming, however, if you know the proper way to respond there is nothing to worry about. Before allowing yourself to panic, allow us to guide you through the process of what to do if your car is recalled.

  • If your car has been recalled, it will most likely not affect your auto insurance policy negatively. If the value of your car has decreased through this incident, you may end up paying less for auto insurance. The only time a car recall can negatively affect your auto insurance is if you ignore the recall altogether. Your negligence may result in a car accident, and if your insurance company notices that you ignored advice to fix the problem, your insurance company may choose to increase your premium accordingly.
  • When safety recalls for cars are issued, the manufacturer has decided to remediate the situation in one of three ways. The safety recall may call for repairs, replacement, or reimbursement. Simply head over to the advised location to handle the matter.
  • Even if you are in love with a particular car model, it may be time to change your preference if you are experiencing recall after recall. Repeated recalls can be a sign of poor workmanship and could wind up costing you in the long run.
  • Most importantly, do not panic if you receive a recall notice in the mail. The problem has been detected and it will be fixed to ensure safety.

Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa for all of your Arizona auto insurance needs. If your car has recently been recalled, please do not hesitate to give us a call to reduce any worries of affecting your auto insurance policy.