March 27, 2015

Safe Driving Tips for Long Haul Truck Drivers

Handsome truck driver.

Safe Truck Driving Tips

Long haul truck driving is one of the most dangerous and crucial jobs out there. By delivering important and necessary goods all across the country, almost everyone depends on a long haul trucker for some of their belongings. To help stay safe on the road as a truck driver, keep these safe truck driving tips in mind.

  • Check your blind spots – many drivers on the road are unaware of just how large a truck’s blind spot is. Before you switch lanes or make a turn, make sure to double check all of your blind spots, including just behind the side mirrors and the side just in front of your cab.
  • Slow down in work zones – almost one third of all fatal work zone accidents involve a large truck. Take your time when you are going through a construction zone to ensure that everyone stays safe.
  • Properly maintain your truck – each morning, take the time to properly check your truck, including the horn, fluid levels, mirrors, and brakes. If you find anything that looks out of the ordinary, let dispatch know before you head out on the road.
  • Properly load your cargo – the higher your cargo is stacked, the more drag you will have to deal with on the road. Spreading out the cargo to keep it low can help improve your fuel efficiency while also being a little more nimble on the road.
  • Take care of yourself – getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right, and spending quality time at home when you can will help you feel refreshed and much more confident while on the road.

Along with these safe truck driving tips, having the right commercial auto insurance will help you stay safe while hauling your next load. Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona for all of your commercial insurance needs.