November 4, 2015

Is Your Business Ready For The Busy Holiday Season?

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Prepping For The Holiday Season

Can you believe that the holiday season is already here? As a small business owner, this is most likely your crunch time to ensure that you have the inventory you need to keep up with the busy season. To help make this holiday season the best one yet, keep these holiday prep tips in mind.

  • Regularly check in with your supply chain – your inventory is vital for your business, especially during the holiday season. Make sure that every aspect of your supply chain is working properly to keep your shelves stocked. Take the time to create a contingency plan so that you can address any issues that may come up if your supply chain is broken.
  • Prevent theft – theft can come from many places and at any time, so make sure that you have the protection that you need. Inventory can be stolen while in transit, from your warehouse, or right out of your store. Have the right security measures in place so that you do not have to deal with any issues with theft.
  • Properly train seasonal workers – hiring seasonal workers can help to ensure that you have the staff that you need during the busy holiday season. Make sure that they are properly trained so that they do not end up hurting your business more than helping it.
  • Prevent cyber attacks – any business that uses a computer is vulnerable to a cyber attack which can leave your company financially devastated. Invest in the right security and regularly monitor all of your online activity to help keep your business safe.

Most importantly, take a look at your commercial insurance policies to ensure that you have the coverage that you need in case of any disaster that occurs this holiday season. Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona for all of your business insurance needs.