September 9, 2013

Common Driving Distractions You Need to Stop, NOW!

Studies have shown that distracted driving can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than driving while drunk. There are a few common driving distractions that drivers should take conscientious steps to avoid if they want to be a safe driver.

Eating while driving is never a good idea. Not only does it distract the driver, it also moves their hands off the wheel. While a lot of people need to eat on the go, it’s usually a better idea to eat while walking than driving.

Likewise, texting is illegal in most of the United States now, and yet people still get into serious accidents every day while sending text messages. It’s very important to always pull over if you have an important text message to read or send.

New studies have shown that communicating with a voice command system like Siri is actually detrimental to drivers. In fact, these studies showed that voice command systems can be more distracting than either texting or talking on the phone. Though these systems are now ubiquitous, they should be avoided.

Even if you’re as safe as you possibly can be, accidents happen. Comprehensive automobile insurance is important to ensure that you’re protected no matter what occurs. Contact the Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group for more safe driving tips and information about automobile insurance.