December 2, 2013

Damage from the Sky Is Covered by Insurance

While conventional wisdom dictates protection against earth-based catastrophe, there may be evidence that dangers from space are increasing.  According to NASA, which maintains a constantly "on" network of "all-sky" cameras to survey spaces above the earth, there were 1438 potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) on intersecting courses with the home planet November 9, 2013.

Does that surprise you?  Should it worry you? 

Recent news coverage of the meteors over the Southwest caused some alarm, particularly in our part of Arizona, but they turned out to be a visual delight rather than a threat.  Scientists still insist that the odds of being a target for an incoming meteor are very slight.

If, however, those odds are stacked against you, could you claim damage and recover any losses by submitting a homeowners insurance claim?  The answer is a resounding "Yes," according to the Insurance Information Institute, which monitors such concerns for us.  Damages to a vehicle would fall under comprehensive coverage, and any accidents caused by falling debris would constitute a liability claim. 

To take it all a step further, personal injury could entail a health insurance payment, and life insurance would pay out accidental death benefits.  But, in terms of day-to-day concern, your chances of winning the lottery are probably greater, say the experts. 

Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group can set your mind at ease about any of your insurance concerns.  Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions, particularly if they are terrestrial.