October 11, 2013

Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

One of the most common questions our commercial clients have for us is whether or not they need professional liability insurance. This a type of commercial insurance that can keep you from paying out of pocket for certain events that occur as a course of business. While this may be a common question, the answer is not simple.

Some businesses and some industries have more of a need for this type of insurance. However, minimal liability insurance is a must for nearly anyone. This type of insurance can protect you financially in case you happened to have someone injured or property damaged as a result of operating your business.

An independent agent can work with you to create a full policy that will protect you from all types of damage. While you may be able to purchase basic insurance online or direct from the insurance company, you will not get the personal attention that you need—especially if you have important questions like this one.

If you are in the Mesa, AZ area and have any further questions about your commercial insurance needs, contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group today. We are always happy to help you achieve your goals.