August 21, 2013

Does My College Student Need Insurance?

There are a few insurance policies for college students that you may need to help your new college student plan for. College is an excellent time for you to begin teaching your child about responsibility and the necessity for comprehensive insurance plans. College students will need to pursue: health insurance, renters insurance, personal property insurance and automobile insurance. Often, these plans can be bundled together, and students can even be eligible for discounts. Students that get good grades, such as those with GPAs of over 3.5, will get even better discounts.

Health insurance can usually be obtained through the college at a very low monthly charge, and isn’t something that needs to be worried about too much. Personal property insurance and renters insurance will ensure that your child’s school equipment and other property are protected in the event that there is a robbery or property damage. Finally, automobile insurance is essential for any college student who has a personal vehicle. Automobile insurance will often be the most expensive, but the costs can be reduced by bundling it with other insurance packages.

For more information about how students can get comprehensive insurance coverage at low costs, contact the experts at the Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group.