December 6, 2013

Eight Auto Insurance Myths Debunked

Since the first insurance agent wrote the first auto insurance policy, there have been myths about what different types of coverage mean, what is covered and how insurance works in general. Below we have listed eight of the more common myths that circulate regarding auto insurance.

Myth #1: My car’s color affects my insurance rate.

Myth #2: Full coverage includes towing and rental coverage.

Myth #3: Comprehensive insurance covers mechanical issues.

Myth #4: If I don’t get any tickets or I’m not involved in any accidents, my insurance rates will be lower.

Myth #5: A newer car costs more to insure.

Myth #6: Buying online saves money.

Myth #7: No-fault insurance refers to accidents that were not the fault of the insured.

Myth #8: If I total my car, my insurance will pay off the car loan.

Curious to know the truth about car insurance and have these myths debunked? Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group.