February 10, 2016

Get More Out of Your Electric Car This Winter

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Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your electric car?

As the weather gets colder, keep your electric car running

Believe it or not, electric vehicles have been around for 100 years. They have recently become popular because of people’s call to action to have a lesser impact on the environment, and because of the money saved on gas. But, did you know that electric vehicles are less efficient during the winter months?

Why are electric cars less efficient during the winter months?

The reason that electric cars are less efficient during the winter months comes down to one law: the conservation of energy. In layman’s terms: you cannot have more energy than what you started with. All the energy that was used to get in as many miles as possible, when the heater was off during the warmer months, now has to be focused on warming the interior of the car. The more energy is divided, the less will be focused on turning the wheels, thus, making it less efficient per charge.

Also, in frigid temperatures, the battery power will be diminished—just like in regular cars—and make charging a more difficult task.

How can I get more range?

  • Seat warmers. Instead of turning on the heat on full-blast, make use of your seat warmers! They use a lot less energy.
  • Don’t drag. Removing stickers, roof racks, and other decorations will make your car more aerodynamic. You’ll be surprised how much fractions of an inch can make a difference.
  • Feel the pressure, without feeling the pressure. Be wary of your tire pressure, and always keep them at optimal level. If all four tires are under-inflated, the estimated range can drop by 0.3 percent per mile.
  • Parking Garages. If possible, try and park in a heated garage, or at least in the sun. The slightly increased temperature of your battery will keep it going for longer.

The winter temperatures can be brutal for your electric car. For added protection be sure to contact the professionals at Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group! Located in Mesa, Arizona, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.