March 11, 2016

The Foggy Window Nuisance

Foggy Windows While Driving

Some quick and practical tips to deal with your foggy windows in extreme temperatures.

Ever wonder why your windows fog up? It typically results from a difference in temperature between the inside and outside of your car and the subsequent interaction with the moisture in the air. For example, when it’s hot and humid outside and the AC is blowing in your car, the outside air hits the dew point (the scientific term for the temperature at which water vapor condenses) against your window and creates condensation. On the flip side, when it’s cold outside and you’re blasting the heat, any air moisture inside the car (e.g. breathing) will condense on the inside of your windows when it intermingles with the outer freezing air.

Hot or cold, it’s always a bit annoying when your windows suddenly fog up and you can’t see out your windshield or rear window. So how do you get rid of it?

It’s actually quite simple!

On hot and humid days

To rid your windows of the accumulating moisture on the exterior, just use your windshield wipers (duh!). But for a long-term fix, you will need either to turn on the heat or turn off the AC, to balance the temperature inside your car with the heat outside. Sorry, but it works!

On cold and chilly days

Defroster to the rescue! Turn the temp setting to cool and blast away for immediate de-fogging. If you absolutely need heat in your car, however, try ongoing defrosting with warm air. The moisture on the windows will evaporate when it encounters the heat and should keep the dew at bay. Oh, and turning off your car’s recirculation setting should help with pulling in dry air instead of reusing the moisture-filled air inside your car. It’s always satisfying to use the defroster and watch the fog rapidly disappear, isn’t it? Don’t forget your rear window, too.

Let the fog confuse you no more! Any obstacle that hinders your vision while driving is dangerous, but we’ve got your covered with both auto insurance and helpful know-how. Good luck battling the fog and contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona for more questions on driving in extreme temperatures.