January 20, 2014

Gender Longevity Gap Closing Between Men And Women

Gender longevity statistics indicate that the gap between the life expectancy for men and women is narrowing for the first time. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation found that men are living longer and adding years to their lives at a fast rate. Data from the IHME reveals that between 1989 and 2009, the average male life expectancy increased by 4.6 years while the female average life expectancy only increased by 2.7 years. 

Several factors can explain this current trend. Men are not as likely to pack on the pounds like post menopausal women do. Nowadays men are more likely to seek treatment for cardiovascular disease than in the past. Overall they seem to have adopted better health habits. 

Another factor that may explain the narrowing of the life expectancy gap is because traditionally, more men smoked than women did.  A cultural attitude shift in major metropolitan areas has caused men to rethink their habits. According to the IHME, men in New York City have added 13.6 years to their lives and men in San Francisco added 11.7 years. Other metropolitan areas also show longer life spans for men. 

Even though these statistics are encouraging, women still out live men. That is one reason that good life insurance is important. Make sure you have the best. For more information about life insurance in Arizona contact the Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group today.