October 16, 2013

Halloween Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe

As Halloween approaches, it is time to consider just how safe we can make the night for trick-or-treating in Mesa, AZ. Here are Halloween safety tips for you to consider.

  1. Make sure kids costumes fit properly, are easy to walk in , and do not inhibit visibility. If you can, use face make-up instead of cumbersome masks.
  2. Provide flashlights, reflective tape or glow strips to help your trick-or-treaters be seen.
  3. Sort candy once it is brought back home and only give untampered with, factory packaged treats to your kids.
  4. Make sure an adult goes house to house with the children.
  5. Only go to homes that are well lit and obviously inviting trick-or-treaters.

There are also steps you can take to make your home safer as well, including making sure it is well lit and walkways are cleared.

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