February 26, 2016

Eat, Drink, & Car Accident? Be Wary of Driving on These Holidays

Holiday Car Accidents & Auto Insurance Mesa AZ

These festive days will have you thinking twice about driving during the holidays.

You may have suspected that certain holidays are linked with dangerous driving, or even experienced it firsthand, but the statistics don’t lie. Most of the major holidays are in fact some of the busiest and most vulnerable days for driving.

Whether you choose to celebrate at home or on the road, here are the days to stay extra alert. Tell you friends too!

Major sporting events

With Super Bowl 50 (practically a major holiday in the U.S.) recently behind us, it’s a good time to remind you that driving near a stadium, especially after a home-team loss, makes you statistically likelier to get in a car accident, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI). Remember your road rage tips, or better yet, watch the game at home.

St. Patrick’s Day

Known as a day to wear green and drink until you see pots of gold, it’s also a prime day for drunk driving-related car accidents. In 2011, a third of car fatalities on St. Patty’s were directly connected to drunk driving, according to the NHTSA. A third! Don’t be an unlucky leprechaun and plan ahead.

Memorial Day

Road trip! But you’re not the only one. Last year, AAA projected 33 million Americans would drive 50+ miles to celebrate the three-day weekend. More cars on the road mixed with backyard-barbecue style drinking equals some likely collisions. Stay sober for that long drive home.

The Fourth of July

Fireworks, food, and—you guessed it—drinking! Are you sensing a theme here? The Fourth is yet another susceptible holiday to alcohol-related driving fatalities and accidents. Past stats show that over 40% of car fatalities involve a legally drunk driver. A great day to celebrate freedom shouldn’t have to end in tragedy.

Thanksgiving through New Year’s

The most wonderful time of year, yes, but also the busiest! Visiting out-of-town family, driving through Black Friday parking lots, attending countless ugly sweater parties, and ringing in the New Year? The only thing more stressful than getting through the holidays is driving through the holidays. Whether it’s alcohol, stress, family drama, bad weather, or too much turkey, the winter holidays yield plenty of hazards that increase aggressive driving. Take care to maintain your sanity levels, especially if you’re in charge of driving to Grandma’s on Thanksgiving!

Bottom line? Celebrate responsibly and stay vigilant during the holidays. Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona to get the right auto insurance to make sure you’re fully protected from another year of holiday craziness.