June 3, 2015

Stay Cool This Summer With These Tips

Contemporary brass Ceiling Fan with rotor blades providing motion blur with wood paneling backdrop. Generic shot, location was Goa, India

Money Saving Cooling Tips

Even though summer has not yet officially started, the hot summer temperatures are already here. While reaching for your air conditioner is an easy way to cool down your house, it will lead to a much higher energy bill. Keep these cool house tips in mind to help you feel good while saving money!

  • Close your blinds – around 30 percent of the unwanted heat in your house comes from your windows. Keeping your blinds shut can help to keep the hot summer weather out of your house, and can help you save more than 5 percent on your energy bills.
  • Close your doors – if you have any rooms in your house that you do not regularly use, such as an office or a spare bedroom, keep the door closed. Closing off the room will prevent the cooler air in your house from permeating the areas during the hot daytime hours.
  • Switch your sheets – putting on new sheets will not only freshen up your bedroom, but it can also help to keep your bedroom much cooler. Cotton sheets breathe much easier, which will help keep you cool during the night.
  • Check your fans – make sure that your ceiling fans are moving in a counter clockwise direction to create a wind chill breeze effect that will help you stay at a more comfortable temperature.
  • Let the night in – when the sun goes down, so will the outside temperatures. On cool nights, keep your windows and doors open to help drop the temperatures in your house. Just make sure to close everything before the sun gets too hot in the morning.

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