February 3, 2014

Homeowners Insurance and Scheduled Items

The holidays are over. Now that you have taken stock of everything that your family has received in the past year, you should imagine what will happen if you lose everything. Are you prepared? Sure, you have homeowners insurance. But that coverage only goes so far. If you have added some expensive new possessions to your home, now is the time to ensure that they are protected from damage or theft.

Your basic homeowners insurance policy is designed to generally protect your assets. You have a set amount of coverage for all the possessions in your home. However, some of the items you own may need more protection. Insuring jewelry and other expensive portable items such as cameras, musical instruments or furs require special policies so that you are covered for their value. Make a list of these important possessions, and contact your insurance agent. They will arrange for an appraisal or keep purchase records on file. That way, if your scheduled items are destroyed, you will receive the paid or appraised value.

If you need advice about scheduled items, contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona.