September 4, 2013

Housing Market Making a Come Back

The housing market is booming again thanks to low unemployment rates and an improved economy overall. Investor faith is also firmly back in the real estate market, and many investors are snatching up investment properties while they can still take advantage of low mortgage interest rates and low property values. Those watching the housing market recovering from the sidelines should be aware that right now is very likely the best time to buy. Property values are projected to continue rising, as are mortgage interest rates.

The housing market recovery has taken a while, but this is actually a good thing because it has built stable and sustainable growth that is not likely indicative of another bubble. The market has recovered much faster in some areas than others, but overall it does appear that the market as a whole is well on its way to pre-crash levels. Both prospective homeowners and investors alike may want to get involved now, as the inventory in many locations is extremely limited, leading to increased demand and increased prices.

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