July 3, 2013

How to Create a Home Inventory Checklist in Case of an Emergency

It’s a good bet that almost all of your valuable possessions are kept at home. Televisions, jewelry, autos and more are items that are kept around for ease of access. But could you name them all if a disaster or a burglary struck? Chances are you wouldn’t be able to. Following are tips for creating an inventory checklist so you can claim against your homeowners insurance.

  • Walk through your home while taking pictures or creating a video. Make sure to include every angle of the room to demonstrate where an item was located.
  • Categorize possessions into categories such as kitchen tools, hobby supplies, recreational items and so on.
  • Get into closets to photograph rarely used items such as ones brought out for holidays only.
  • Take individual pictures of high-cost items such as jewelry.
  • Keep and make copies of receipts, any serial numbers and appraisal documents.

Once you have everything together, you can put them all together in a computer spreadsheet or make a written inventory list. Give a copy to your insurance agent, a lawyer if you have one and place another in a safe area such as a bank safety deposit box.

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