August 5, 2013

If a Tree Falls on my House, Am I Covered?

Many homeowners wonder about trees and insurance coverage during times of high wind or unexpected storms. However, most homeowners do not need to worry. Standard homeowners insurance packages do cover the cost if a tree falls on a homeowner’s house. This applies even if the tree was not actually on the homeowner’s property. Usually, an insurance company will not even attempt to find out where the tree actually came from. This can be a complex process during large storms because trees can actually travel quite a distance in high winds. Any homeowner who has suffered damage from a tree falling on their property should quickly initiate an insurance claim.

Occasionally an insurance company will attempt to recoup their costs from a neighbor’s insurance policy if the tree was in their property and the tree was improperly cared for. However, this is usually only the case if the tree fell over due to neglect and poor maintenance and not because of bad weather or other uncontrollable events. Even if the insurance company does attempt to do this, however, the homeowner themselves will not be inconvenienced and will not need to perform any additional work.

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