December 27, 2013

Insuring Your New Christmas Gifts

If you’re going to invest in big ticket Christmas gifts, it only makes sense to protect your investment with an insurance policy. Not all gifts need insurance coverage. You should, however, consider protecting pricey items from the risk of theft, damage or loss.

Insuring Christmas gifts is a personal decision people have to make on their own. The following gives some counsel on the type of products you may want to protect with insurance coverage.

Electronics: Electronic gadgets are some of the most popular (and expensive) Christmas gifts you can buy. Such gadgets include smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices and more. Although most of these items offer a limited warranty, an insurance policy will guarantee coverage where the warranty leaves off.

Insuring Jewelry: Posh jewelry is sure to please the woman on your list, but even more pleasing is knowing your gift is well protected from theft and harm.

Homeowners insurance will cover your gift items when stolen from your home, minus the deductible. If your gift item costs less than the deductible, you’ll not recover its loss. By having your gift insured separately, you’ll be able to recover its cost.

For more information on insurance options or input on how to update your policy, contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group, Mesa, AZ.