May 27, 2014

Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

Digital ThermostatSummertime is a lot less fun when you’re broke, so it’s important to find ways to save money. One of the big ways to accomplish this is by lowering your electric bill. In Mesa, air conditioning is a big factor in climbing bills, estimates indicate that around half of the typical electric bill comes from air conditioning costs. Setting your AC unit to a higher temperature is a great first step. A wise place to set it is at 78 degrees, which will cost half of what it takes to maintain 70 degrees in your home.

Using a programmable thermostat for your AC unit is also a good idea. Having the temperature set higher while you are not home saves more than turning the air off completely due to the energy it takes to get it going again. Some programmable thermostats can be controlled with your smart phone and a programmable thermostat can lower bills up to 20%.

Other ways to save include making sure your filters are clean, keeping draperies and windows closed during the day to lessen the fight with the sun, and utilizing ceiling fans in your home. They don’t cool a room, but rather make you feel cooler when you are in it, so make sure to shut them off when you leave. And of course, the old standby of turning lights off when you leave a room helps too.

Whenever possible, avoid using the oven. It both generates a lot of heat and uses a lot of energy. Better choices are to grill outside or use smaller appliances like the microwave, slow cooker, or toaster oven. Washing machines and dishwashers should run in the evening when it is cooler whenever possible, since they too use a lot of energy and raise the numbers on your electric bill.

Making a conscious effort to keep your electric bill low over the summer is just one way to keep your budget under control. It’s also good to check up on your other regular bills, such as your homeowners insurance.

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