August 6, 2014

Article Arizona’s Top 2014 Football Prospects

As an Arizona resident, you know how important football is to our state. We have some of the most prospective players that succeed on college football teams across the country. As the season approaches, it is time for you to gather your barbecue equipment and get ready to start watching our Arizonian athletes prevail! We have gathered a list of the top football prospects from Arizona that are entering the college world for you to keep an extra careful eye for. Let’s cheer on our Arizona natives!

Arizona’s Top Football Prospects

  • Dionte Sykes will succeed at San Diego State if he keeps hitting the books while prevailing on the field. He recently de-committed from UCLA and will be heading to San Diego instead.
  • Kaelin Deboskie has entered the Wildcats society after transferring from Colleyville in Texas.
  • Breeon Auzenne hasn’t made any guarantees yet but he has received an offer from Washington.
  • Dominque Fenstermacher is a dynamic cornerback that has recently committed to Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • Austin Hall has increased his muscle mass over the summer and is ready to triumph at Stanford. His success may be attributed to his father’s experience playing in the NFL himself.
  • Matt Bushman will prevail in both baseball and football at Brigham Young after his two-year church mission. With 26 touchdown passes his senior year, we can expect great things from Bushman.
  • Luke Rubenzer will not only excel in school at Cal but football as well.
  • Ismael Murphy-Richardson will be staying in our home state at ASU.
  • Jalen Jelks will be close by at Oregon!
  • Tyler Whiley will be staying with us at Arizona State!
  • Trevor Wood will be joining his brother, Arizona’s offensive lineman, at Arizona.
  • Cameron Denson will also be staying with us in Arizona!
  • Kyle Allen is expected to prevail at Texas A&M
  • Two-time Arizona selection Mark Andrews has committed to Oklahoma for his skills on the field.

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