November 28, 2014

Auto Insurance Discounts for Your Teen

Cabriolet sunset

Insuring teen drivers is a task many parents dread, as they know their auto insurance premium will increase as a result. Since teen drivers have less than a year of experience under their belts when they become legally licensed, insurance companies must view them as a higher risk driver. However, many parents simply bite their tongues and deal with the increases instead of taking advantage of some auto insurance discounts that would make the policy much more affordable. These auto insurance discounts include:

  • You will no longer be responsible for nagging your child to maintain their grades. Simply explain to them that the only way they can continue driving on the open roads is if they receive the good student discount, which means maintaining a B average.
  • Even though your child just finished driving school, you may be able to receive a discount by enrolling them in a defensive driving course. This will provide them with additional practice navigating the roads.
  • There are a variety of safety features you can add to your teen’s car that can land you significant discounts. These safety features include back-up cameras, daytime running lights, blind spot detection, lane-departure warning, and anti-theft devices.
  • One reason why insurance companies boost your rates when your teen gets added to your policy is because teens are more attached to their technology. To combat this growing concern, you may want to install an anti-texting device into their car. There are a variety of devices that actually prohibit your teen from receiving or sending a text when the car is in motion.

Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa for all of your Arizona auto insurance needs. We understand your worries of your new teen driver, which is why we will go above and beyond to provide your child with unparalleled protection.