April 24, 2014

Helping your teen driver be prepared

Teens view getting a drivers license as the opportunity to be free and independent. Parents view their teen getting a driver’s license as a scary and stressful time. Although parents cannot be with their teen driver at every moment, there are a few ways to make sure they are prepared in any situation.

Checking washer fluid is something that is mostly overlooked by drivers. It is something most people do not think about until it is not there. Having washer fluid is a vital part of safe driving, since having a clean, clear view ahead can help the driver see and avoid any problems ahead.

Jump starting a car may seem a little daunting at first, but teaching your teen the proper way to do it could be the difference between your teen getting home and being stuck in a movie theater parking lot after a midnight showing.

Fixing a flat tire may seem like something that a teen could call someone to fix, until they are caught somewhere without cell service. Knowing how to change a flat could be the difference between your teen sitting on a dark side of the road, walking to the nearest gas station alone, or making it home for curfew.

Dashboard cautionary lights may seem easy to ignore and like something that does not need attention right away, but knowing which lights mean what can be helpful to not only your teen, but to the life of the vehicle as well. Knowing which lights need immediate attention can be found in the owners manual of the vehicle, or online.

Vehicle fluids should be checked on a regular basis to ensure both the safety of the driver and the lifespan of the vehicle.

Having the proper auto insurance for your teen driver assures that if there is an accident or mishap you and your family are protected and not financially devastated. Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group, based out of Mesa, Arizona, has a range of policies to choose from to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle.