July 10, 2014

Return From Your Boating Excursion Unharmed

At Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group, we want to make sure your watercraft is properly insured. You work hard to be able to afford such a magnificent, summer toy. Additionally, we want you to be safe while you are out on your boating excursions! Here are some boating safety tips to keep in mind when out on the water:

  • Drink responsibly! Boating under the influence accounts for almost 20% of all boating accident related deaths.
  • Never head out onto the water without a fire extinguisher. Furthermore, make sure your fire extinguisher is not expired.
  • Know what the weather will be like before heading out. Storm warnings or small craft advisories can be called out with very little notice.
  • Take advantage of the Vessel Safety Check Program, which allows you to check how safe your boat is. The best part is, the program is free!
  • Always wear a life jacket when you are out on the water. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your life jacket is coast guard approved!
  • Make sure that when you gas up, you do so properly. Your blower should be running for 5 minutes after you get fuel in order to eradicate gasoline vapors. These vapors are much denser than air. Be sure to check your boat’s closed compartments, and bilges to be sure they are free of gasoline vapors before you turn your boat back on. Keep your sense of smell in use, and employ the “sniff test” to locate any fuel leaks.

If you would like any assistance with insurance, please contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group! As an independent insurance agency, their employees can help you to find the best coverage for you by using multiple A+ ranked insurance companies. Whether you are looking for personal insurance or insurance for your investment properties, the experienced professionals at Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group will be able to assist you, today!