November 21, 2014

How Social Host Liability Will Affect Your Holiday Party


Before you send out invitations to your annual holiday party, it is imperative that you confirm coverage with your homeowners’ insurance carrier. Far too many homeowners make the mistake of skipping this vital step, which can lead to costly and unpleasant consequences. Holiday parties are meant to be joyous, not full of liability claims. In order to reduce your liability risks, you must plan accordingly. Allow these informational points of guidance to ensure your holiday season is memorable for the right reasons:

  • Even if you were extremely careful in only inviting responsible adults to your party, you never know when your guests will become unruly. What happens if someone from your party has “only a few drinks” and decides to drive home intoxicated? If they cause an accident, the consequences for both you and the intoxicated driver can be extremely costly. Plan ahead and hire a professional bartender. Ask the bartender to collect keys of anyone who requests an alcoholic beverage.
  • Alcohol consumption often comes hand in hand with bumps and bruises. So, who would be responsible if one of your intoxicated guests falls down your stairs and injures themselves? As the homeowner, social host liability laws would hold you liable for their misstep.
  • Whether you will be serving homemade appetizers or hiring a catering service to provide the food, if a large majority of your guests get food poisoning, you can be held responsible.
  • If you are worried about your liability risks with social host liability laws, it may be beneficial for you to obtain an umbrella insurance policy. This policy will allow you to feel confident in your home’s security.

Please do not hesitate to call us before your holiday party to confirm coverage so that you can enjoy your festivities with peace of mind. Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa for all of your Arizona homeowners’ insurance needs. Allow us to provide you with a customized homeowners insurance policy that limits your liability risks and maximizes protection.