August 20, 2014

Must-Knows For Insuring Your College Student

Don’t think all of your planning is complete because you have signed the tuition papers for your new college student and started packing up their room. Your job has only just begun. There are a variety of insurance implications necessary for consideration when your child moves away to college. Compiled is a list of “Must-Know” facts about insuring your new college student:

  • Will your child be taking their car with them? If so, you will want to contact your auto insurance provider and inform them of the move. They may need to comply with new state requirements if they will be attending a college out of state. You may be eligible to receive a discount if the zip code in which they are moving is particularly safe.
  • If your child is leaving their car at home and only plans to drive during breaks, you should inform your auto insurance provider. You may be eligible to receive a resident student discount since your child will not be driving for the majority of the year.
  • If your child is moving into a dorm or any other campus owned facility, their personal belongings will be covered under your current homeowners’ insurance policy. Be sure to contact your homeowners’ insurance provider to ask if all of their belongings will be covered, and be sure to include any expensive items.
  • Will your child be moving into an apartment near campus? If so, they will need a renters’ insurance policy to cover their personal belongings. This will only cost about $15 – $20 a month and will protect everything inside of the apartment.

Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group for all of your Mesa, Arizona insurance needs. We can help make sure that your new college student is insured in all of the right places, including auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and renters’ insurance. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any of your questions.