April 3, 2014

Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Insurance Policies

As springtime approaches, many of you will spend time spring cleaning your home. Perhaps you will take up some new sport or physical activity in order to repair any wintertime damage, aka over indulging in sweets, to your body. However, how many of you consider going over your insurance policies in this process? Checking out your insurance policies, and making sure everything is up to date is one task that should be added to your spring cleaning list.

Some of the most common reasons for updating an insurance policy include changes with family or personal possessions. Did you just get married, divorced? Is there a new addition to the family? For any major purchases that you were gifted over the holidays, such as fine jewelry, artwork or designer furniture, you will want to make sure these are included in your insurance policy. Families that have changed either through deaths, births or marriage should check out their life and health insurance policies to ensure that everyone is covered when applicable. If you are planning to remodel or repair your home this year, you will want to have your property reevaluated in terms of insurance to make sure your coverage is appropriate for the value of the property.

When you are updating information for your insurance policies, consider how you may be able to save money by opting for discounts. In some instances, life changes may reflect discounts. For example, if you have recently married, then you may be eligible for a discount on your policy. Other opportunities for discounted coverage include not having any at-fault accidents and speeding tickets.

It never hurts to ask for discounts for your insurance, and it may very well mean you will save money in the long run while improving your insurance coverage. For more information about checking your insurance policies or to find out more about discounts on insurance rates in Arizona, please contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group of Mesa.