December 16, 2014

Give The Gift Of Life Insurance This Holiday!

Mesa Life Insurance

Life Insurance: The Unique Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving

Finding the perfect gift for family members can be tricky. You want something that is unique and meaningful, not just your average run-of-the-mill gift. Life insurance is the perfect gift to give this holiday. Give your family members peace of mind for the season with the unique gift of life insurance. Here are some ways that you can give life insurance as a gift this year!

Gifts to Charity:

Many people like to give gifts to charities during the holidays. These types of gifts help people less who are less fortunate to have a more comfortable holiday. Life insurance is a great way to make these charitable donations during the holiday. You can make a charitable foundation the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, or you can set aside a certain amount of money to be given to an organization once you pass. These charitable gifts often are tax deductible, which is an added bonus.

Gifts to Individuals:

You can also use life insurance to give a gift to an individual, like a loved one. The most common method of doing this is simply giving a policy to the beneficiary. If the replacement value of the policy is under $12,000 then this gift will likely qualify for a gift tax exclusion. Another way to give life insurance as a gift to an individual is to make the person a beneficiary on your policy or to pay the premium on the life insurance policy of that individual. If you do the latter, as long as the premium amount is less than a certain amount, you may still qualify for the gift tax exclusion.

Contact the Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa for all of your Arizona life insurance needs. Give the unique of life insurance. Life insurance is the gift that that your loved ones never knew they wanted. This often tax free gift is unique and may be perfect for your gift giving needs. Let us get you a great policy today that can give you and your loved ones peace of mind for the holidays.