October 15, 2014

Why Roadside Assistance Should be Mandatory


Having roadside assistance attached to your insurance policy should be mandatory! Aside from giving you the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your car is taken care of; roadside assistance can really save you, your family, and your wallet if an unfortunate scenario arises. Roadside assistance was designed to cover you for most emergencies that would normally leave you stranded on the road.

Here are a slew of reasons you might want to add roadside assistance to your policy:

Imagine yourself on the frequently traveled road to Las Vegas. One moment you’re glaring out the window, admiring the dry and barren landscape. The next, your car breaks down and you’re stuck in the desert. Not having roadside assistance in this situation would be a significant issue. The cost of calling somebody to tow your truck to a mechanic’s shop could set you back quite a bit, even if it was something as simple as a dead battery. You could also be stranded for hours!

Roadside Assistance

  • Gives you a person to call who is immediately dispatched to your location.
  • Most auto insurance companies will include it’s cost into monthly or annual premiums
  • Very affordable; most packages equal to about $15/month
  • Gives you the ultimate peace of mind

There are a few drawbacks to buying roadside assistance:

  • Most plans have only a certain radius they will cover
  • You may only get to the nearest repair shop, not the one you prefer
  • Some insurance companies may hike up the price of your premiums, the more you use your roadside assistance.

Basic Services Offered by Most Roadside Assistance Packages

  • Battery jump starts
  •  Flat tire repair
  • Locksmith
  • Fuel and fluids service
  • Towing

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