August 13, 2014

5 Back to School Tips to Ease the Transition

As summer’s end slowly approaches, it is time to start preparing for the new school year. As your child kicks and screams claiming they do not want to go back to school, you must remind yourself that they just don’t want summer to end, and who can blame them? The transition for your back to school routine does not have to be a hassle, as long as you follow these 5 helpful tips:

  1. The hardest part about summer’s end is not being able to sleep in every day and stay up as late as you want. To ease this process, start having everyone in the house wake up an hour earlier each week, starting about a month before the first day of school. This will significantly ease the process.
  2. If you haven’t been strict about having your child read each day of summer, now is the time to remind them of the very important habit. Although your child may be kicking and screaming now, they’ll be thanking you when they don’t get thrown back into the homework routine. Consider treating them and saying they can play an hour of video games for each hour that they read.
  3. If your child seems especially sad about the end of summer, consider making a scrapbook with them. Allow them to collect their favorite summer memories and compile them in a book that they can keep forever and look back to whenever they are missing summer.
  4. You may want to get all of your back to school shopping done ahead of time to beat the crowds. If you wait till the last minute, chances are all the good supplies will be gone.
  5. While it is important to reintroduce school habits to your child, you don’t have to cut summer short. Be sure to take advantage of their last few free days.

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