September 26, 2014

Insuring Your Small Business With The Right Insurance Options

All the time, money, and of course, hours trying to build your small business deserves a level of guaranteed protection. While you may think that all you have to do is purchase a standard business insurance policy, you may not be receiving sufficient coverage by doing so. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to understand exactly what coverage you receive through your business insurance policy. Gathered is a breakdown of the different types of business insurance coverage options so that you can make an educated decision:

  • Property Insurance – Without this basic form of insurance, you leave your business, its inventory, and its equipment vulnerable to harm.
  • Liability Insurance – Whenever customers are involved, you must obtain liability coverage. Even if you operate business from your home, this is a vital insurance policy that every business should obtain. Imagine if you are making a special order for a client and they ask to swoop by and pick it up from your office and fall and hurt themselves in your driveway. Your liability insurance policy would allow you to receive peace of mind knowing your assets are protected. A liability insurance policy would provide the injured client with medical expense coverage and you would receive legal fee coverage if someone were to sue you.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Even if you simply have your secretary run errands for you and deliver products, you must obtain this insurance policy. By law, everyone must have auto insurance. The same rule applies to businesses whose operations involve vehicles.
  • Business Interruption – Without this vital, but often neglected, insurance policy, you leave the future of your business up to chance. This insurance policy would provide you with lost income if you are required to temporarily close after a covered peril hits your organization.

Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona for all of your Arizona commercial insurance needs. The number one priority of small business owners is protecting their investment. Allow us to offer you that protection.