January 19, 2016

Your Guide to Preventing Road Rage

Preventing Road Rage & Auto Insurance Mesa AZ

Struggling with road rage? Here are a few easy steps you can take to feel calmer behind the wheel.

No one is able to keep their temper in check 100 percent of the time, and that’s OK! That’s part of the wild journey called the Human Experience. It’s when we’re behind the wheel that the stresses of the day are released, and that can be dangerous—not only for you, but the people with whom you’re sharing the road.

This issue is no joke; as of January 2016, 15 states have addressed aggressive driving (a.k.a. road rage) in their legislature over the past decade, and that number is only predicted to increase as the issue becomes more and more prominent in our society.

Even if you think you always keep a cool head, you shouldn’t assume that everyone does the same. Dr. Leon James, an expert in driving psychology and cowriter of the book “Road Rage and Aggressive Writing,” estimates that there are approximately 400 billion road rage-related driving incidents per year—just in the U.S. alone!

Not all is for naught, however. Here are 3 helpful tips for taking the high road, and avoiding the rage.

Sleep is key

Not getting enough sleep makes you feel stressed, and—when you get behind the wheel—that’s when your rage takes over. Getting the necessary 8 hours is essential if you want to lessen your rage. And it even has additional health benefits!

Be punctual

Knowing you’re running late can make you lose you temper over the most mundane thing. (Like waiting for that old couple to cross the street—WHY ARE THEY SO SLOW!?) Don’t lose your cool over an innocent situation; plan to be in your car 10 or 15 minutes earlier to avoid that feeling of losing your patience.

Keep your class with classical music

Your music selection has more of an effect on your aggressive driving than it does on your audition for American Idol. When you feel your patience being tested, put on some classical music. If you don’t have any Mozart or Bach in your car, you can always select the classical music playlist on Spotify. If changing tunes to a more old-school vibe isn’t for you, try turning down the volume.

Before you blast your horn, remember: every individual is a person with their own complicated life. Instead of blaming others, take the high road and try and improve your own driving habits. You’ll see how having less road rage leads to a better life!

We hope this guide helps you get a handle on your road rage so you can stay safer on the road. Want even more protection for yourself and your passengers? Contact Brewer-Lloyd Insurance Group in Mesa, Arizona to get the right auto insurance policy to safeguard yourself and your ride.