January 1, 2014

Resolve to Update Insurance Policies for 2014

The clock is ticking.  It’s the time of year when some of us begin thinking, with a sort of dread, about the resolutions we can make for 2014 that won’t overwhelm us with guilt when we break them.  Perhaps the best solution is simply to resolve to greet every day with the conviction that doing our best is good enough.

If you are tempted to make even a single New Year’s resolution, we weigh in on the side of keeping it simple and achievable.  Resolve to smile at least 12 times a day.  Resolve to walk “all the way” around the block with the dog, at least once a week.  Forget about jogging three afternoons a week or training for a mini-marathon!

We do have a suggestion, however.  In an effort to maintain your personal well-being and economic health and vitality, we at Brewer-Lloyd insurance Group advise all our friends and clients to review policy terms and coverage as the New Year dawns.  Confirm that the values stated in your home and auto policies are current and sufficient; schedule any new jewelry or other expensive items you bought this year, and evaluate changes in your life that may require changes to your insurance.

Contact your agent to schedule a date to review your policy provisions.  That’s a resolution you can keep, and you’ll be glad you did.