August 9, 2013

The Claim Filing Process

Filing a claim against an insurance policy is usually a fairly simple process, but it should always be done as soon as possible after the event regardless of circumstances. While there are different types of insurance policy, the claim filing process is usually always about the same and it always begins with the policy holder calling their insurance provider and explaining their situation. From there, the insurance company will be able to guide the policy holder in the next steps that are necessary.

Policy holders should always carefully document their claim as soon as possible. This means writing down exactly what occurred, and taking pictures of any relevant damage as is necessary. It also means collecting any relevant documents about the insurance claim. The insurance company will send the policy holder the right forms to fill out and the policy holder can then send a completed packet that holds all of their claim information. After the claim has actually been submitted all the policy holder will have to do is wait for a monetary determination on the claim. The insurance company will ask for any other information it may need to process the claim.

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