March 31, 2014

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

When someone assumes the identity of another by using their name, address, birthdate, social security number, etc. this is called Identity Theft. With their new identity, criminals can take out credit cards in another person’s name, use their existing credit cards to make extravagant purchases, and access their secure bank accounts. Identity Theft is a frightening crime that is becoming more common, but can be thwarted if people take precautions. Following are simple prevention tips:

Pay with Cash

When shopping or dining, use cash whenever possible to reduce the risk of becoming a comprised party in a data breach or a victim of wait staff. Personal information is being stolen from debit and credit cards as cyber-attacks become more commonplace and money handlers become more daring. When payments are made with cash, no personal information is exposed by swiping a plastic card with a magnetic strip, nor is a credit card number written down.

Shred Your Trash

Before tossing your paid bills or credit card statements, ATM receipts, or mortgage paperwork, buy a personal shredder.  Without account numbers, bank institution information, and loan details floating around, a person can rest easy when they take their trash to the curb.

Guard the Social Security Number

Because all Americans have been assigned an identification number, a criminal may assume a person’s identity just by knowing the last 4 digits.

Identity Theft occurs when a criminal has access to pertinent information such as a person’s social security number, their full name, birthdate, physical address, phone number, email address, and more.  Valuable information should be guarded and credit reports should be checked annually. By denying public access to personal information, the odds of becoming a victim of Identity Theft are greatly reduced.

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