March 21, 2014

Tips for spring home maintenance

Purchasing homeowners insurance is a big step toward protecting your real estate investment.

However, spring cleaning is another, more hands-on method of keeping your house in great shape.

Start your annual spring cleaning by inspecting your roof and gutters for damage and debris. Clean leaves and other natural matter from your gutters and look for loose shingles.

Check the foundation of your home for cracks through which rain or standing water might leak into your basement.

Another outdoor task is sealing your deck. If the wood is particularly faded or beginning to splinter or rot, it might be time for a new deck.
Inside your home, check for water leaks in the attic and basement, as well as from any water heaters. Check your windows to be sure they are still properly sealed as well.

Finally, be sure to properly clean the corners and other parts of your home you don’t usually see, including under large pieces of furniture and behind appliances.

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