December 16, 2015

What To Do If Your Tire Blows On The Road

car with a breakdown on a rainy autumn day in the middle of nowhere

Use these tips to know how to handle a tire blowout.

Experiencing a tire blow out can be one of the scariest moments on the road. While there is no way to predict exactly when a blowout will happen, knowing how to prevent the problem and what to do when it happens will help to keep you much safer on the road. Keep this tire blowout safety guide in mind to ensure that you know how to handle a blowout.

  • Know what to listen for – there are three sounds that are typically associated with a blowout. The first is a band or boom when the tire pops. The second is a whooshing sound when the air starts to escape from the tire. The last is a flopping or flapping when the deflated tire hits the ground.
  • Know what it feels like – after a tire blows, you will be able to feel your vehicle slow down and start to pull to one side. Depending on the side that the blowout happened and if it was in the front or the back will dictate how your handling ability will change.
  • Know how to drive with a blowout – do not slam on your brakes after your tire blows and keep both hands on the steering wheel. Allow your car to slow down on its own and try to steer to the side of the road to get out of the flow of traffic.
  • Know what to do after a blowout – if you can, get out of your car and move out of harm’s way. If you do not know how to change your tire, call for help and put on your emergency flashers.

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