July 22, 2013

What does your homeowners policy cover?

When you purchase a home, you are making one of the biggest investments of your life and protecting it and its contents with a standard homeowners insurance policy is a must. In fact, homeowners coverage is so valuable, that most homeowners associations mandate residence to purchase a policy. Here’s a rundown concerning what is covered by standard homeowners insurance.

Structure of the Home : This pays to repair or rebuild the structure when it is destroyed by hail, fire, and other disasters listed in your policy. Certain damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and routine use are typically not covered. Detached structures may also be covered.

Personal Belongings: Homeowners coverage allows you to opt for a policy that covers your personal contents including electronics, clothing, appliances, etc. If you have valuable jewelry, furs, or collectibles you may want to opt for additional coverage limits beyond the standard amounts for personal belongings.

Liability Protection: This offers the policy holder and their family a level of liability protection within and outside the home. Coverage includes damage or injury caused to other people and their property but doesn’t cover such damage to property inside your home.

Living Expenses: If your home is destroyed or damaged and becomes uninhabitable, your homeowners insurance may cover certain living expenses including hotels, meals, and personal necessities while your home is being reconstructed.

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